Fav Song of the Week 01/21/2013

It’s been a little bit since I made a post for the song of the week category, I’ve been kind of busy…..but here’s the first official post of the new year!  It’s Erykah Badu.  I recently started listening to her again.  Her soulful sound brings peace of mind and is a great choice at the end of the day when you want to unwind and relax.  If you really listen to the lyrics you can hear thought-provoking messages and wise and inspiring words for everyday life….this is “Next Lifetime”.

English: Erykah Badu; Live in Bruges, Belgium ...
English: Erykah Badu; Live in Bruges, Belgium – 2006; (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fav Song of the Week 12/30/12

Beautiful song…I’ve really grown to love this….”Stairway to Heaven”-Led Zeppelin