Fav Song of the Week 11/14/19

It’s Hip-Hopera! This is a brand new local artist from my area and I absolutely LOVE this track! Not only is Zakiyyah talented beyond belief (and classically trained to boot), but I’m always a sucker for lyrics that pack a powerful message. Let this serve as a reminder that, despite what gets pushed by the mainstream,  true artists will always be poppin’ and hip hop is alive and well. Her words are empowering and, of course, the beat is sick…so, be sure to check her out and support!


Fav Song of the Week 7/3/2018

The voice of a generation has done it again. When I heard this single I was reminded of why Christina has always been my favorite artist. Although I’m not the biggest fan of the video itself, the words of this song are undeniably powerful and inspiring. It rang true to my soul the moment I heard it. I wasn’t made to #FallinLine either.

Fav Song of the Week 2/16/16

Words can’t express how much I LOVE SIA.  Most of her songs have so much raw emotion and when you really listen to the lyrics (glass of wine in hand) you’ll find yourself connecting to a place deep inside yourself without even knowing how the hell you got there.  She’s becoming one of my favorite artists and, unlike Adele (who I also love), she has many upbeat and fun songs as well.  I think of Sia and I think of overcoming obstacles, all of the bad things, and finding that stable place again. That place where you’re almost happy.  This is just one of the many Sia anthems that make my playlist, “Bird Set Free”.

Fav Song of the Week 1/5/2016

Ok, I don’t really listen to Demi Lovato like that (I put most Disney/Nickelodeon stars in my “Give it a rest/Nobody gives a crap” music file. #noshade) but I happened to hear this song off her new album and was very impressed. She’s always been a decent singer but most of her music seems to hide the unique qualities of her voice and her skilled and emotive singing.  I honestly wish she sang more songs like this but, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be her preferred style.  I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on her though!


Fav Song of the Week 03/10/2013

So, once again it’s been forever since I made a post.  I’ve been incredibly busy since I just moved but hopefully now I can get back on track!  Although I havent posted I have had a song in mind for weeks.  I used to LOVE Joss Stone when she first came out but sadly I fell out of touch with her music over the past couple of years.  However, I recently rediscovered her and was listening to her newer albums and fell in love all over again.  It was hard picking a song for this post.  I was stuck between “Incredible”, “Girlfriend on Demand”, and “Governmentalist”, all from her album Colour Me Free! .  It was a tough decision but this song hits me the most emotionally.  This is Joss Stone’s “Girlfriend on Demand”…

Fav Song of the Week 01/21/2013

It’s been a little bit since I made a post for the song of the week category, I’ve been kind of busy…..but here’s the first official post of the new year!  It’s Erykah Badu.  I recently started listening to her again.  Her soulful sound brings peace of mind and is a great choice at the end of the day when you want to unwind and relax.  If you really listen to the lyrics you can hear thought-provoking messages and wise and inspiring words for everyday life….this is “Next Lifetime”.

English: Erykah Badu; Live in Bruges, Belgium ...
English: Erykah Badu; Live in Bruges, Belgium – 2006; (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fav Song of the Week 12/23/2012

This week is my favorite artist, Christina Aguilera. When her new album Lotus came out my expectations were not too high because I definitely think she fell short of her potential on her previous album Bionic. I was SOOO wrong. This album is pretty good and has some amazing ballads.  So far my favorite pick from this album is “Blank Page”.

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