The Sag

Taken from The New York Times via Google Images

I haven’t written in a long time (I’ve been busy with school, work, etc.) but an incident yesterday ignited my desire to make a new post.  I had just gotten out of class and waswalking back to my dorm.  On the way, there was a boy walking in front of me.  His pants were sagging like most of the boys on campus.  I live on a college campus so I see baggy pants all the time.  However, this particular boy had his pants so low that not only did he have to hold them with his hand as he walked to avoid indecent exposure, but I could also see his thigh as he walked across the street!  Yes, I mean the part where the boxer shorts end and the thighs begin.  That just disgusted me.  I mean, why even wear the pants at all at that point?

I am in no way trying to impede on someone’s right to where what they want but we have to draw the line somewhere.  I understand that baggy pants are in style but there is a fine line between baggy and sagging to the point of mild nudity.  What I really can not comprehend is why someone would sag to the point that it prevents them from walking normally!  The whole sagging pants scenario is even more disturbing on grown men.  If I see a teenage boy at the mall sagging his pants I think he looks immature but I cut him slack.  A 16 year-old boy battling puberty may not have the same common sense as his 22 year-old counter part.  But what excuse can a grown man use?  If you’re in college then you’re an adult.  Adults SHOULD have sense enough to pull up their pants when they get dressed in the morning.

A more important question I would like to have answered is, “Why do men sag their pants?” (notice I said “men” not  “boys”).  It can’t be to attract women because, like myself, many women find it unattractive, “ghetto”, and sloppy.  It can’t be just for style either because most sensible people dislike the fad.  I’ve come to my own conclusion that it must be a way of identifying with hip hop culture.  I’d bet any amount of money that if Lil Wayne consistently pulled his pants up and denounced the trend then we would see a sharp decrease in sagging pants.  Dressing to identify with hip hop culture makes sense for artists in that genre but grown men in a prestigious university need to answer to a different standard.  Your occupation is a student or you’re already in the work world.  So, you should dress as such.  If I worked at ABC news or was in Harvard Law School, I wouldn’t be walking around like a Go-go dancer in my own free time.  If you’re not a rapper and you’re not a child, please have some maturity and pull up your pants!

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