Female Trio

Taken from Homorazzi.com

So, I was watching a rerun of the Bad Girls Club on Oxygen and one of the girls said, in reference to female relationships, that trios never work.  They always fall apart.  I think I’ve heard that before but for some reason today it really got me thinking.  How much truth is really in that statement?  It’s no secret that female relationships are difficult to maintain regardless of the number of members in the group, but is a trio really worse than the rest?  I think this might be the honest to God truth.  I mean when you think about it, it makes sense.  Three is a small odd number so its more likely someone would be left out.  Five is odd too but there are more people so I feel like there would be a greater chance of everyone feeling like they were part of the group.  Three, however, can be tough.

I’m not only trying to use logic when attempting to answer this question but also my own experiences.  I’ve been in groups of three for most of my life.  First in elementary and into junior high, then in high school and into college.  Both failed miserably but in both cases I came out with a great girlfriend that I’m still friends with today.  Both became duos for different reasons.  In the first case the girl turned out to be a thieving retch and tried to get away with stealing from me.  That had nothing to do with being part of a threesome, she just turned out to be a jerk (and that putting it lightly).   The second relationship ended because we gradually grew apart.  Not only because our personalities began conflicting as we got older, but also because I grew closer with the other girl in the group.  In comes the problem with the trio:  Two members of the group become closer causing jealousy issues and feelings of abandonment in the third member.  I really believed that played a huge part in why that relationship ended.

I’m not saying all trios are doomed (although I sat and tried to think of a group of three women that are still besties and couldn’t).  I just think they must be harder to keep together than other groups, and that stinks.  I mean its hard to find really good female friends.  If you find one you’re lucky.  You may even find a second and then your blessed, but if those two close friendships become an inseparable trio be careful!  Females are dramatic, harder to please, judgemental, and sometimes just annoying.  I’m sorry but we are.  Let’s not add any more obstacles.  If you are in a trio that’s on the rocks, it may not be your fault.  Do what you would in any rocky relationship: try not to argue over petty things and communication is key.  Honestly, if we all had better communication skills my trios may have never ended.

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